Sabbath School U

Sabbath School University (SSU) is a half-hour weekly Bible Study program first broadcast in 2002. It provides practical, relevant, content that corresponds with the weekly print Bible Study Guide. After 14 years on-air, it aired its last episode in June 2016.

  • SSU2014-4-13: The Everlasting Gospel
  • SSU2014-4-12: Prayer, Healing and Restoration
  • SSU2014-4-11: Getting Ready for the Harvest
  • SSU2014-4-10: Weep and Howl
  • SSU2014-4-09: One Law Giver and Judge
  • SSU2014-4-08: The Humility of Heavenly Wisdom
  • SSU2014-4-07: Taming the Tongue
  • SSU2014-4-06: Faith That Works
  • SSU2014-4-05: Love and the Law
  • SSU2014-4-04: Being and Doing
  • SSU2014-4-03: Enduring Temptation
  • SSU2014-4-02: The Perfecting of Our Faith
  • SSU2014-4-01: James, the Lord’s Brother

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