Sabbath School U

Sabbath School University (SSU) is a half-hour weekly Bible Study program, which aired its last episode in June 2016. The new inVerse program can be accessed either by its young adult Sabbath School Bible study guide or video/podcast.

  • SSU-2015-04-13: Lessos from Jeremiah
  • SSU-2015-4-12: Jeremiah-Back to Egypt
  • SSU-2015-4-11: Jeremiah-The Covenant
  • SSU-2015-04-10: Jeremiah-The Destruction of Jerusalem
  • SSU-2015-04-09: Jeremiah’s Yoke
  • SSU-2015-04-08: Jeremiah-Josiah's Reform
  • SSU-2015-04-07: Jeremiah-The Crisis Continues
  • SSU-2015-04-06: Jeremiah-Symbolic Acts
  • SSU-2015-04-05: Jeremiah: More Woes for the Prophet
  • SSU-2015-04-04: Jeremiah: Rebuke and Retribution
  • SSU-2015-4-03- Jeremiah: The Last Five Kings of Israel
  • SSU-2015-4-02: The Crisis (Within and Without)
  • SSU-2015-4-01: The Prophetic Calling of Jeremiah

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